Thursday, January 19, 2006

First post!

Man it feels good to stretch my legs on this thing! So, to all of my adoring fans who've been begging for me for months to write down every mundane, inconsequential thing that pops into my mind, here you go. Actually, I don't think anyone cares what I have to say. In fact, it makes me feel kind of narcissistic to have my own blog. Oh well. C'est la vie.

The purpose of this blog, like the other ten million blogs out there, is to record my thoughts, rants, raves, epiphanies, and hallucinations for posterity. When I'm 100 years old, I can point out to my great-grandchildren how little I knew about so much.

Have I piqued your interest??? Probably not.

A little about myself, which will give you some insight into what you can expect over the next few years: I am 27 years old and currently live in the beautiful, and increasingly boring, city of Boston in the US. I work in the finance industry (man that sounds generic) and have recently undergone one of the biggest challenges of my life: applying to business school. I'll get into more details later, but I will tell you that the big winner is : well, it's me, but only because I have been granted the honor of acceptance to the London Business School MBA class of 2008!

Stay tuned. Same bat time, same bat channel.


At 5:25 PM, Blogger divinemissN said...

wooohoooo! congrats on the admit and welcome to the blogging world :-)

At 5:45 PM, Blogger divinemissN said...

ps welcome in the world of ultimate narcissism!

At 3:28 AM, Blogger RusGirl said...

Happy birthday to your blog and may it have many-many useful posts! :)


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