Thursday, February 09, 2006


That's the only way I can think of to describe the band that I saw on Tuesday night, Sigur Ros. Seeing the lead singer play the guitar with a bow was really something. His voice is different than anything I've heard, especially since he's singing in Icelandic. In actuality though, it's more the music that makes this band great, not the lyrics (which is a good thing because I can't understand them). They could have played nothing but instrumentals and it wouldn't have bothered me. It was very much like Radiohead in that way (Thom Yorke may as well be singing in Icelandic some times). Our seats were not great (partially obstructed), but it didn't matter. The music was really refreshing, in the sense that it's so complex and unique, without being pretentious. Always ambient, sometimes a little edgier. If you need some background music when your chilling or studying, this is the stuff for you. Two thumbs up.


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