Thursday, March 16, 2006

Busy little bee

The past few weeks have been extremely busy, and I don't see my schedule easing up in the months leading to matriculation. Besides a heavy workload at my job, my calendar seems to contain a never-ending series of commitments.

First of all, I just got back from my good friend's bachelor party in Amsterdam. Let me tell you something. Four days is too long to be traveling with ten guys for a bachelor party. And, of course, both legs of our flight home via Reykjavik were delayed, meaning that travel time was about fifteen hours (which is more than I slept over the four days!). Yikes.

From now until August, all I have to do is: sell my condo, sell my car, sell my furnishings, go to London for Admits weekend (and leave Saturday night to make it home for girlfriend's graduation from med school on Sunday morning), go to Cancun for a week, hit Portland, Oregon for a wedding, Aspen, Colorado for a wedding, NYC for a wedding, Las Vegas for another bachelor party, stay in Boston for yet another bachelor party (luckily don't have to travel far), try to find time to travel Europe for a month in July/August, and find an apartment in London. Time management at LBS should be a breeze after this! I realize that there isn't one item on this list that would garner me any sympathy, but it just feels slightly overwhelming at times. Why did my friends all decide to get married this year?? Man, it's expensive.

On another note, my girlfriend found out today that she has been accepted to a medical residency at Northwestern University in Chicago. Congratulations! Four years of hard work has definitely paid off!


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